Which Water Softener Should I Buy?

Discovering the perfect water softener amidst the crowded market can be overwhelming. Quality, performance, warranty, and price are key factors to weigh. Skip the confusion – trust us.

Whether online, at a merchant, or directly from a manufacturer, impartial advice is scarce. Protect your home and family for years with the right choice. We install and service softeners from the most trusted brands. With products that are rigorously tried and tested, they stand as best in class.

The Key, We Offer Independent advice not one product fits all

Water Softeners

Sterling Softeners provides a premium choice of EcoWater, Harvey, Kinetico, Hague, and Nexus water softeners. Explore each brand below and uplift your home today.

With over 50 years of industry experience, Kinetico ensures class leading reliability and efficiency from a mechanical block salt water softener, one of the most effective and economical water solutions. As pioneers of the non-electric twin tank valve, they stand at the forefront as a global leader in crafting domestic and commercial water treatment solutions.

Experience unmatched compactness and capacity with Hague water softeners. Tailored for practicality, Hague water softeners address the challenges of space constraints without compromising on performance with exceptional flow rates.  Best in class water and salt efficiency, whether you prefer block or tablet salt, Hague ensures that your water-softening needs are met seamlessly.

Discover the epitome of excellence with Harvey Water Softeners, the UK’s best-selling softener meticulously crafted entirely in the UK. Setting a benchmark in innovation, Harvey stands apart as a powerhouse of efficiency – electricity-free, remarkably compact, and slim, thanks to its unique twin-tank design. Perfectly tailored to fit beneath kitchen sinks, Harvey embodies convenience and effectiveness.

EcoWater Systems one of the world’s leading domestic water softener manufacturer, we’ve proudly supplied these high-quality machines for over 30 years. Expect a lifespan of 15+ years with minimal servicing needs and exceptional efficiency on tablet salt saving up to 50% running cost compared to block salt mechanical softeners. Wi-Fi salt and handy water alerts via push notification or email with the optional EcoWater App.

The Nexus range, designed for minimal water and electricity usage, offers cost-effective and reliable water softening. Experience low running costs with tablet or block salt. Perfectly tailored to fit beneath kitchen sinks for convenience and effectiveness.

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