EcoWater eVolution Refiner Boost

You don’t have to choose between filtered and softened water – an EcoWater Refiner provides you with both. So if you’re looking for a convenient way to distribute flawlessly filtered and beautifully softened water around your house, look no further.

This unit runs at optimal efficiency in terms of both salt and water use. In fact, it costs up to 50% less to run each year than the equivalent basic block salt softener system.

Installation not included. Please, call for a quote


Up to 6 people

2 Bathrooms


Out of stock

Out of stock

Product Specifications


H 880mm, W 355mm, D 510mm

Warranty terms

5 years manufacturer's parts warranty and our 5 years labour warranty

Salt type used

Tablet salt only

Service requirements

No manufacturer's requirement however we would recommend a service periodically

Free delivery within our designated area

Allow up to 7 days