Hague 410 Maximizer

  • SYSTEM CONTROLLER. Operates in three languages and retains cycle settings indefinitely, even through power outages. The time of day setting remains in memory for up to seven days without power.
  • WHOLE HOUSE, BUILT-IN, SELF CLEANING FILTER. Filters dirt and sediment down to 20 microns – smaller than the human eye can see. Plus, there’s never any cartridges to change and no maintenance is required.
  • FINE MESH RESIN. Patented mineral tank with its screened distributor system allows us to pack more resin in the tank and backwash our unit with clean soft water, therefore eliminating the need for a second mineral tank.
  • GRID PLATE. The grid plate in the segregated brine tank compartment provides a clear well area to ensure consistent brine concentration.
  • PATENTED DIRECTIONAL FLOW SCREEN. Ensures high flow rates and efficiency.

Installation not included. Please, call for a quote

Up to 5 people

Up to 3 bathrooms


Product Specifications


H 533mm, W 292mm D 470mm

Warranty terms

3 years manufacturer's parts warranty and our 3 years labour warranty

Salt type used

Tablet and block salt

Service requirements

No manufacturer's requirement however we would recommend a service periodically

Free delivery within our designated area

Allow up to 7 days