Specialist Taps & Filtration

Over the years we have established customers may require drinking water solution together with a range of 3-way taps, filter taps and more recently boiling water taps. Explore our ranges below.

The Boiling, Filtered, Chilled and Sparkling Water Tap

Discover the Tap that does it all from the founder of boiling water taps and undoubtably the best. 

Combining style, functionality and value for money, with no compromises to quality. 

Quooker provide various Tap and Boiling tank options which can then be combined with Drinking filters or the Cube2 chilled sparkling water unit to provide exceptional home water solutions.

Drinking Water Filtration & Purification

With numerous options on the market, we offer a more focused selection of drinking water filters. Explore our handful of quality filters which cover the most popular filtration types.